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Redefining Machinima

January 9, 2010

I am currently looking at a redefinition of what machinima is and feedback would be immensely welcome at <a href=”″>Free Pixel</a>. In two words: I try to base machinima on procedurality and performance.

(PS or try this link: )

Play-Machinima-Law Conference (USA)

March 18, 2009

EVENT : Play-Machinima-Law Conference at Stanford University, April 24-25 2009

To quote from the conference blurb: “Play-Machinima-Law, is a two-day conference to be held at Stanford University on Friday and Saturday, April 24th-25th, 2009. Organized by the Stanford Center for Internet and Society and the Preserving Virtual Worlds project of the Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources, Play-Machinima-Law will explore a series of key issues relating to what is often called “player-generated” or “user-created” content based on digital games or created in game and virtual worlds. Topics will include machinima, game art, game hacking, open source ideas and “modding”, technology studies, player/consumer-driven innovation, cultural studies, fan culture, legal and business issues, transgressive play, game preservation, and notions of collaborative co-creation drawn from virtual worlds and online games.” 

More information is at

Machinima at SIGGRAPH ’09

August 18, 2008

ACM Sandbox 2008 is barely over, but the 2009 edition is already appearing on the horizon. There are at least two notable changes from the current format:

The first deals with the way Sandbox is now integrated “properly” into SIGGRAPH (as the blurb on its website tells us:)

Since SIGGRAPH 2006, the ACM Sandbox Symposium has explored the expressive nature of video games; the relationships among game design practices, technologies, and player experiences; and the intellectual challenges that face game designers, developers, researchers, and players. Starting in 2009, the Sandbox Symposium is no longer a separate event but is integrated into the main SIGGRAPH conference, living on through The Sandbox, Game Papers, and more.

The second change is: there will be a “real-time section” in the animation track. In other words: although the word “machinima” was not mentioned, the result will be that machinima will enter the realms of SIGGRAPH. This framing in a more technological-experimental area might lead to some interesting new contributions and can be only good for machinima. Very interesting indeed.

Ed Wood machinima festival

October 30, 2007

There’s an Ed Wood machinima festival in Second Life
31st of October ’07
More information here.

Machinima festival Oct 07, UK

August 9, 2007

Machinima Festival Europe 07
12-14 October 2007
De Montford University, Leicester, UK
More information

London International Animation Festival

August 3, 2007

The Liaf 2007 page is here, and the programme includes digital animation…and this:

A History of Computer generated animation – the View from Siggraph.
Thursday 23 August 5pm

The Siggraph Festival is one of the largest and most important gatherings for the digerati. Convened annually in giant conferences centres in US cities, it addresses every aspect of the creative digital space. Siggraph saw the wave of CG animation coming long before most of us even saw the ripple. Running for 30 years, Siggraph has grown to the enormous event that it is today. The Siggraph archive is the ideal place to go looking for a collection of digitally animated pieces to define the progress of this artform. A single programme from such a wellspring of material could hardly be definitive or comprehensive but it definitely provides a fascinating insight into the history of CG animation.

pre-vis and games

August 2, 2007

Maybe of interest: I posted a bit on pre-visualization and the growing use of video games for it here:

machinima and learning

June 9, 2007

Hello – as you might have noticed on the gamesnetwork list last week, I’m calling around asking people about ‘machinima and learning’. If you work in this area, or know somebody who does, let me know! In this instance, machinima, learning and education are all broadly defined – and using machinima to teach about machinima certainly counts. The results will be compiled for a short article as part of this research on learning in social worlds.


June 9, 2007

David Surman has contributed details about publications on animation and digital games – see the Resources and Reading list for more information.

Machinima at Georgia Tech

June 9, 2007


Machinima has been on the horizon at Georgia Tech for some time now. We have been working on tools, interfaces, and occasional films.

So come and visit us here.

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