PhD scholarships


The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) invites applications for a number of PhD scholarships starting in September 2010. We are interested in applications that focus on one or several of the subject areas below:

Game aesthetics, game ontology, games and narratives, game culture, game play, player communities, games and human computer interfaces/game testing, game artificial intelligence, player (cognitive and affective) modeling, computational intelligence and games.

Deadline: 24th March – noon

Full call at: Link

Game Center website:

2 Responses to “PhD scholarships”


    I would like to apply for a PHD Scholarship in Media Digital Technology, which focuses on the use of Media Digital Technology in our everyday lives.

    Am a Kenyan with a Master of Arts Degree in English and Linguistics and also a B.A Degree in Language and Literary studies. Currently am a lecturer and Dean of Faculty of Journalism and Mass Media at Pioneer University in Hargeisa Somaliland.

    I have 5 years experience in teaching and coordinating Media and Journalism. Previously, I worked as lecturer, Dean of Faculty of Journalism at Nairobi Aviation College.

    I would like this Scholarship because it would expand my knowledge in Media, I would learn new techniques of Digital Media Communications, which I can apply back in Kenya.

    I look forward to your feedback and guideline on how to apply for the Scholarship. Thank you.

  2. gamessig Says:

    Hello, We reproduced the notice from the IT University of Copenhagen, but we do not work there. Please follow the links provided to find out more about their scholarships. There are also opportunities published at

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