New Book: Video Game Spaces


Apologies for the self-promotion but it might be excusable as the book has a rather large potion dedicated to the use of cinematic techniques in virtual worlds. MIT Press just published my Video Game Spaces. Image, Play, and Structure in 3D Worlds. The beginning of the official blurb over at MIT press reads:

The move to 3D graphics represents a dramatic artistic and technical development in the history of video games that suggests an overall transformation of games as media. The experience of space has become a key element of how we understand games and how we play them. In Video Game Spaces, Michael Nitsche investigates what this shift means for video game design and analysis.

As the title suggests: the main focus overall is on 3D game spaces – how we design, visualize, perceive, and use them. But it also covers a lot of “games and film” related issues as it argues that the camera always interprets these 3D worlds. You can read the first chapter online to get a much longer and more elaborate introduction.

One Response to “New Book: Video Game Spaces”

  1. Christian Says:

    Big congratulations. Having read the introduction, the book looks like it has a generous helping of theory, and therefore thumbs up.

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